Our Process

We're taking one for the team, this shit gets on everything.

We fucking hate glitter. People call it the herpes of the craft world. What we hate more though are the soulless people who get their jollies off by sending glitter in envelopes.

We've had enough so here's the deal: there's someone in your life right now who you fucking hate. Whether it be your shitty neighbour, a family member or that bitch Amy down the road who thinks it's cool to invite you to High Tea but not provide any weed.

So pay us money, provide an address anywhere in the world & we'll send them so much glitter in an envelope that they'll be finding that shit everywhere for weeks. We'll also include a note telling the person exactly why they're receiving this terrible gift. Hint: the glitter will be mixed in with the note thus increasing maximum spillage.


Yes, somehow we do have Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, you fucking idiot. We spent too much time, money & resources putting this shit hole of a website up to not get paid for it.
Click the buy button. Decide whose day you want to ruin & then enter their address.
We'll vomit up a tonne of glitter & put it in an envelope with your recipients address on the front of it. We'll also include a note telling them how awful they are which will be folded within.
Not unless you open your mouth.
$9.99 for anywhere in the world.
First off, use your fucking imagination. We're going to be pouring a tonne of glitter into an envelope with a folded up piece of paper. You know what's going to happen when that fuckface opens the envelope & pulls out the letter? The craft herpes will be released & will go everywhere.


I bought this for my husband, he opened the mail before work & got it everywhere! He had to change, was late for work & might be getting fired, LOL!

Grady Chambers

I never get tired of seeing my co-workers rage when opening their glittery envelopes.

Spencer Jones

For my 1 year anniversary I didn't know what to get my wife so I bought this thinking it would be funny. It wasn't, I'm now divorced, broke & living with my best friend. I'd like to talk with the owner to get a refund & discuss damages. You can reply directly to this email address.

Alma Henry

Its been 3 weeks and I'm still finding this shit. How the fuck do I get rid of it?!

Sean George

Sent to my best friend, note inside was a nice touch. Thanks guys.

Jan Delgado

Just getting in touch to say that I don't recommend sniffing glitter. My nose now bleeds randomly haha.